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Drivetime, BBC London Radio,

Broadcast on 11 August, 2016

Jeremy Vine Show, BBC Radio 2


Around 10,000 dogs are thought to have been slaughtered at an annual dog meat festival which has been taking place in China.

The Yulin festival has caused uproar amongst animal rights activists. An online campaign to ban the event has received more than four million signatures and support from the comedian Ricky Gervais.

So is eating dog really that bad especially if so many people seem to enjoy doing it? Or is the thought of slaughtering an animal that people in the West know only as a pet rather than a food stuff beyond the Pale?

Let’s find out exactly what this festival is about with BBC World’s Josephine McDermott.

Broadcast on 23 June, 2015

From Our Own Correspondent for BBC World Service

In Shanghai, Josephine McDermott dons a long cream gown for a special occasion: the marriage of a British friend and a Chinese bride, in a cross-cultural union which – at times – left both sets of guests at the party a little at sea. It turns out that both British and Chinese have wedding customs which can fox the outsider… 

Presented by Owen Bennett-Jones. Listen here.

Broadcast on 20 August, 2014


London Marathon for BBC London 94.9 – Presenting and reporting

Interviewing Sunny the Rhino at Mile 19

Interviewing Sunny the Rhino at Mile 19

Broadcast on April 13, 2014


Report for Jo Good’s show on BBC London 94.9

The Duke of Cambridge's horse

“Whitehall partially blocked: a man is naked atop the equestrian statue”. It has to be one of the strangest tweets the BBC London 94.9 travel team has ever put out. Last year a Ukrainian man was up there for three hours. Jo McDermott returned with a fully clothed man from English Heritage.


Broadcast on 31 July, 2013


Report for Inspirit with Jumoke Fashola on BBC London 94.9

Janet Ellis

A woman spent seven years looking through thousands of burial records for the grave of her ancestors. Then a website published some online and her search ended in minutes. Our reporter Jo McDermott went to Brompton Cemetery with her.


Broadcast on June 30, 2013


London 2012 stories broadcast on BBC London 94.9:

Several countries have created special Olympic hospitality venues for the Games. The Jamaicans have the 02, the French have Billingsgate Market. Jo McDermott headed to Alexandra Palace to check out one of the most ambitious, with a party reputation from previous Games.


Broadcast on 28 July, 2012.



For the first time at an Olympics, Holland House has branched out and taken over a boat to bring the party atmosphere of London to Weymouth where the country’s sailors will be battling for gold medals. Jo McDermott was invited on board.


Broadcast on 30 July, 2012.



With Team GB’s incredible success, it’s easy to forget what the pain of losing feels like. Every country handles it differently. BBC London 94.9′s Jo McDermott was at London Bridge at the Swiss party camp for Roger Federer’s final.


Broadcast on 8 August, 2012.



Attention is now turning to London’s handover to Rio for the 2016 Games. Jo McDermott headed to Chinatown to find out how the Chinese there think London compared to Beijing.


Broadcast on 13 August, 2012.

Olympic stories produced for BBC London 94.9 by Jo McDermott and Tom Bigwood.

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