China’s last women to have had their feet bound


Decades after foot-binding was outlawed in China, a British photographer has met some of the last women subjected to the practice.

It was with a sense of pride that Su Xi Rong revealed her feet to British photographer Jo Farrell.

Her feet, bound from the age of seven, were so small that she had been renowned for their beauty.

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Metropolitan Police corruption suspensions near 50 over two years

Nearly 50 Metropolitan police officers and 26 staff members have been suspended for alleged corruption in the past two years, figures show.

Of the 47 officers, 77% were specials or constables, a Freedom of Information request revealed.

A total of 222 officers were suspended between 2012 and 2014, with alleged corruption cited as the main reason.

The Met said suspensions did not imply guilt, but all allegations were “taken extremely seriously”.

The revelation follows a report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) which warns “the threat to the Met of corrupt activity remains significant”.

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BBC World Service, From Our Own Correspondent: Being a bridesmaid in China

Jiao Jiao and I torment the British groom with wedding day 'love tests' in Shanghai

Jiao Jiao and I torment the British groom with wedding day ‘love tests’ in Shanghai

In Shanghai, Josephine McDermott dons a long cream gown for a special occasion: the marriage of a British friend and a Chinese bride, in a cross-cultural union which – at times – left both sets of guests at the party a little at sea. It turns out that both British and Chinese have wedding customs which can fox the outsider… 

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